Quatro Pro

More Pop. More Distance.

There are no trade-offs with the NEW Quatro Pro. Hitters can be confident at the plate with the longest barrel in our lineup, an even larger sweet spot for more pop and now, incredible balance for faster swing speeds. Add the newly redesigned, stiffer handle-collar to reduce vibration and eliminate barrel drag and you have everything you need to Light 'Em Up!

MADE IN THE U.S.A. Patent Pending.

Quatro Pro Endcap

Swing Faster

As soon as you pick up the Quatro Pro, you’ll feel the difference. The redesigned endcap offers incredible balance, faster swing speed and more pop!​

Quatro Pro With Glowlines

Larger Sweetspot

Get more trampoline across your barrel from a cutting-edge, redesigned composite outer shell and suspended inner barrel*

*Suspended Inner Barrel - BBCOR models only

Quatro Pro Grip
Quatro Pro Collar

Improved Feel and Power

Less vibration means more confidence and a stiffer handle-collar eliminates barrel drag through your swing​

30 Day Performance Guarantee

USSSA and USA only​

Available In



  • US9Q10
  • US9Q8
  • FPQP9
  • UT9Q10
  • UT9Q12
  • BB9Q3
  • FPQP10
  • TB9Q11