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The Velo is your top of the lineup hitter, your table setterĶ¾ equipped with a ton of speed, and great bat control. With a stiffer handle, and the lightest swing weight thanks to our CompLite™ Endcap, this baseball bat is a constant favorite for those looking to catch up to faster pitch speeds.

Precision Laser Pop 2.0™

Lasered groove through sweet spot proven to increase barrel flexibility

Comp-Lite™ Technology

Endcap creates balance, generating faster swing speeds

Acoustic Alloy

The loudest alloy on the market; the proof is in the ping!

Velo Line-Up

  • BB8V3
  • UT8V12
  • UT8V34
  • UT8V5
  • US8V10
  • US8V5
  • TB8V13