Rawlings Rewards - Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information:

  • How do I enroll?

    Register online at the Account Register page.

  • Why join Rawlings Loyalty program?

    • Membership is free
    • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
    • Earn points in-store and online
    • Redeem points right away
    • Receive member-exclusive offers
    • Earn double points on all your purchases during your birthday month
    • View your points balance on your receipt and on your monthly email statements
  • Where can I use the card?

    Online at Rawlings.com

  • How does the loyalty program work?

    Earn points upon purchase. Every 250 points you save, you get $10 off your purchase.

  • I lost my rewards card, what do I do now?

    Call Customer Service at 1-866-678-4327

  • Does it have a cost?

    No, enrollment is FREE!

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, visit Rawlings.com or call Customer Service at 1-866-678-4327

  • If I forgot to you use my account but had one, is there any way to redeem those points?

    Yes, call Customer Service at 1-866-678-4327

  • Do I have to buy something to sign up for the card?

    No, sign up is free and we do not require you to buy something to sign up or to retain membership.

  • Can I get points for purchasing a gift card?

    No, gift cards, taxes, and fees are excluded.

  • Do I get points for the final cost of the transaction, i.e. tax as well?

    No, gift cards, taxes, and fees are excluded.


  • What are the benefits?

    • 1 point for every dollar you spend (1.25 at Gold Level)
    • $10 off every 250 points
    • Opportunities to earn bonus points
    • Exclusive, mailers, emails, coupons, and invites
  • How do I make it to the Gold Level and what are the benefits?

    To qualify you must spend at least $500. Once qualified you will receive 3X bonus points in your birthday month, exclusives to Gold Members only, & 1.25 points per every dollar spent.

  • Does the loyalty program apply to all items?

    Yes, with the exception of gift cards

  • Will my membership automatically renew?

    Membership never expires

  • How soon after purchase do my points appear in my account?

    Points appear after the items have been shipped and the shipping confirmation email has been sent.

  • Can other offers be combined with the loyalty program?


  • For how long are my points valid?

    Points never expire

  • Will I get birthday or holiday special offers?

    Yes, there will be special offers specifically for you on your birthday and holidays. You will receive 2X bonus points on all purchases in your birthday month for Red Level members & 3X bonus points for Gold Level members.

Your Account:

  • Will my information be given out in any email or marketing list?

    Only Rawlings will have access to your email address. Your email will not be shared with any other company.

  • Since points don't expire; do I have to do anything to make sure I stay in the system year after year, even if I don't buy on a regular basis?

    No you are not required to buy anything year after year.

  • Is this a credit card?

    No, this is a free rewards program.

  • Can someone else use my loyalty card?


  • Where can I locate lost information?

    Click "Forgot Password" on the sign-in page, enter your email, and a link to reset your password will be sent to you.

  • Can I link multiple cards to my account?


  • How do I see how many points I have?

    To check your points balance online, go to the My Rewards page.

  • I purchased an item with rewards points and now I want to return it, will I get refunded for the whole amount?

    Your points will be deducted and reapplied in the form of cash.

  • Can I transfer my points to another person?

    No, Rawlings Rewards are not transferable

  • When using points, does it count to acquiring new points?

    • EX: If I spend $350 and then use the $10 rewards points, do I get credit for spending $360 or is it just deducted.
    • No, the reward amount does not get rewarded. You will be eligible to receive points on the subtotal of your purchase.
  • I just made a large purchase before the unveiling of this loyalty program, can I somehow redeem that transaction for points?

    If the purchase was made 14 days prior to the loyalty program starting then call customer service at 1-866-678-4327

  • If I forgot to use my account but had one, is there any way to redeem those points?

    Yes call Customer Service at 1-866-678-4327