What's Your Mantra?
A mantra is a firmly-held statement or belief, repeated often to build your inner strength. Mantras are unique and powerful, and drive us to be better as individuals, and teams, every single day. Inspired by these incredible mottos, we crafted our newest high-performance fastpitch softball bat, the Mantra.
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Elevate Your Mindset. Empower Your Game.
Hear From Our Pros

"A never quit mentality builds confidence. Confidence is born from courage. Play with courage and put courage first." - Ally Carda

"Excellence knows it's not going to be perfect. Excellence is competing hard, taking risks, trusting your athleticism and preparation, and being confident on the field." - Janie Reed

"Joy is strength. When challenges arise, focus on things that bring you strength." - Keilani Ricketts

"See the ball, hit the ball hard, and have fun. The game is challenging, so focus on making the challenge fun." - Taylor Edwards

Level Up Your Performance At The Plate
F2 Collar
Reduces barrel drag and vibration through the handle for a fast, smooth, powerful swing.
Ultra Light End Cap
Improves swing speed and balance so you can hammer pitches even if you identify them late.
Lizard Skins™ Grip
Unmatched tack so your grip never falters, even under the most intense conditions.
Introducing The First Ever In-Game Swing Analysis, Powered By Blast Motion®
Attach & Swing
It only takes seconds before you're ready to improve your swing. Pop, twist, and lock, that's it.
Train Smarter
Visualize your swing. Improve your balance. Perfect your launch angle. Dominate your game.
Level Up Your Game
With advanced insights, training tools, and tailored tips your swing has never been more powerful.
Mantra Fastpitch Bat
Available in -9 and -10
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