A yellow C11RYLA ASA NFHS official 11-inch softball with red stitching
Ball Usage Game Ball Ball League Nfhs Ball League ASA Ball Size 11 Ball Quantity 1 Dozen

Worth's Official 11" fastpitch softballs has red stitching and are approved for play in the ASA. These Worth's Dream Seam softballs has a raised seam with a high density cork and Pro Leather cover. •ASA •11 inch •.47 COR •375 lb compression •High Density Cork Core •Pro Leather Cover •88 Red Stitch Color •Raised Seam

  • Color: Optic Yellow
ASA NFHS Official 11" Softballs
Promotional price: $79.95

ASA NFHS Official 11" Softballs

Dozen, High Density Cork Center


Item # C11RYLA
Quantity: 1 dozen

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Promotional price: $79.95

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