An Official League recreational baseball - SKU: OLB3
A Rawlings Official League recreational ball lying on a field - SKU: OLB3
An Official League baseball lying on a field with the MLB logo showing on the bottom - SKU: OLB3
Three Rawlings baseball lying together in a triangle on a field - SKU: OLB3
Three Rawlings Official League baseballs lying next to home plate on a field - SKU: OLB3

As an official size and weight baseball, the Rawlings OLB3 Recreational Play Baseball has been designed with a synthetic leather cover for easy gripping along with Major League Seams.

  • Color: White
  • League: Official League
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Usage: Practice
  • Series: Official League
Official League Recreational Baseballs
Promotional price: $29.99

Official League Recreational Baseballs

Dozen, Solid Cork and Rubber Center


Item # OLB3
Quantity: 1 dozen

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Promotional price: $29.99

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