Thumb of a white EC1225-6BW Rawlings Encore 12.25-inch outfield glove with a white H web with extended base design
EC1225W-6BW 12.25-inch Encore outfield glove with a white/black back and adjustable pull lace back
EC1225-6BW Rawlings Encore outfield glove with a black palm and black laces
A white 12.25-Inch H-web Encore glove sitting on a field - SKU: EC1225-6BW
White H-Web on an Encore outfield glove sitting on a field - SKU: EC1225-6BW
Red Rawlings patch on a Rawlings Encore outfield glove lying on a field - SKU: EC1225-6BW
Black palm of a 12.25-Inch Encore H-web glove lying on a field - SKU: EC1225-6BW
Black pinkie of a Rawlings Encore glove with a field in the background - SKU: EC1225-6BW
Glove Series Encore Glove Position Outfield Glove Size 1225 Glove Breakin 35% Player Glove Fit Standard

The Rawlings Encore 12.25-inch outfield glove is crafted using new, innovative technology that will improve your game. Because of this patented tech this outfield glove is great for young athletes who want to take their play to the next level. In addition, the all-new web construction and deep pocket design allow you to fully wrap your fingers around the ball. This gives you the confidence you need to secure any ball hit your way.

The extended base of the H-web also gives your more palm protection while the adjustable pull lace wrist strap allows you to get a custom fit for optimal comfort. With its versatile 200-pattern - a top choice among pro athletes - and its game-ready feel out of the box, you can take off the tags and hit the diamond right away.

Try this on and feel the technology at work. You'll know right away it's your next gamer. Order yours today!

  • Color: White
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Back: Adjustable Pull Lace
  • Player Break-In: 35
  • Fit: Standard
  • Level: Youth
  • Lining: Padded Fingerback Liners
  • Padding: Extended Web Base plus Reinforced Palm Pad
  • Series: Encore
  • Shell: Soft, Durable All-Leather
  • Web: Pro H
  • Size: 12.25 in
  • Age Group: High School, 14U, 12U, 10U

Determine Your Glove Size by Your Age

This table is a general guide for determining which glove size an athlete needs.


Level Age Position Glove Size
T-Ball 3 to 6 years old All Positions 8.5" - 10"
Youth 7 to 12 years old 1st Base 11.5" - 12"
Youth 7 to 12 years old Infield 10.25" - 11.5"
Youth 7 to 12 years old Outfield 11.5" - 12.25"
Adult 12+ years old 1st Base 12" - 13"
Adult 12+ years old Infield 11.25" - 12"
Adult 12+ years old Outfield 12" - 12.75"


Level Type Position Glove Size
Youth Fastpitch Infield 10.5" - 11"
Youth Fastpitch Outfield 11" - 11.5"
Adult Fastpitch Infield 11.5" - 12"
Adult Fastpitch Outfield/1st Base 12" - 13"
Adult Slowpitch Infield 12" - 13"
Adult Slowpitch Outfield 12.5" - 14"

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Rawlings Encore 12.25-Inch Outfield Glove
Promotional price: $159.95

Rawlings Encore 12.25-Inch Outfield Glove

H-Web, Adjustable Pull Lace Back


Item # P-EC1225-6BW
The Rawlings Encore 12.25-inch outfield glove is crafted with all-new technology that gives you more protection & a deeper pocket. As a result you'll field every ball hit your way.
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Packed with pro features, patented technology and a game ready feel, Rawlings Encore gloves give you the confidence to make even the tough plays look automatic. After all, every great play deserves an Encore!


The patented web technology and deep pocket design quickly collapse around the ball, ensuring it’s securely trapped exactly where you need it to be.


The extended base design of the web along with deep pocket and internal padding provides optimal protection for your hand against sharp line drives and hard throws.


A new, adjustable pull lace allows you to tighten the hand opening around your wrist giving you ultimate comfort on the field.


There’s no need to wait to start making plays. Encore gloves feel amazing on your hand and are game-ready out of the box.


Designed to form to your hand and create a perfect pocket and perform at every position.


Learn what makes the Rawlings Encore glove series a game-changer for youth players.

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