Box of a RCSNA Renegade adult Renegade 2.0 catcher's gear set
Royal Cool-Flo adult catcher's helmet with silver cage
Royal RCSNA Renegade adult chest protector with Arc Reactor Core
Back of a scarlet RCSNA adult Rawlings Renegade 2.0 chest protector
Royal adult size Renegade series leg guards
Catchers NOCSAE

Take your game to the next level with the Rawlings Renegade 2.0 catcher's gear set. It features a CoolFlo hockey-style catcher's helmet, lightweight leg guards, and a redesigned chest protector for unmatched protection and comfort.

The CoolFlo catcher's helmet provides optimal ventilation to help keep you cool behind the plate. In addition, its high strength, impact resistant cage keeps you protected from even the hardest of pitches.

This set also comes with a redesigned chest protector, which is engineered with our Arc Reactor Core technology. This revolutionary tech is patent-pending, and is comprised of an arched polymer plate with impact absorbing memory foam padding to disperse forceful impacts and dampen ball rebounds. The pad system meets the NOCSAE® commotio cordis standard and features strategically placed breaks to provide unrestricted motion and ultimate comfort.

Lastly, the lightweight, flexible design of the leg guards allows you to move freely behind the plate. As a result you'll react to pitches in the dirt a lot faster.

Available in an assortment of colors and sizes, there's a Rawlings Renegade 2.0 catcher's gear set for players of all ages. Buy yours now!


***Beginning January 1, 2020, NFHS will require use of certified chest protectors. Adoption by other leagues is still pending.

  • Color: Royal
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Usage: Catchers Sets
  • Size: Adult
  • Series: Renegade

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Rawlings Renegade 2.0 Catcher's Gear Set | Adult, Intermediate, Youth
Promotional price: $214.95

Rawlings Renegade 2.0 Catcher's Gear Set | Adult, Intermediate, Youth

Helmet, Chest Protector, Leg Guards


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Gear up with the Rawlings Renegade 2.0 catcher's gear set. This set offers catcher's of all ages the best protection & performance they need to excel behind the plate. Shop now!
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Promotional price: $214.95

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