Thumb of a black/neon green 2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch infield glove with a sublimated design on the thumb and black I-web - SKU: REVFL12
Black/neon back of a 11.75-Inch REV1X infield glove with a unique sublimated design and Adaptive Fit back - SKU: REVFL12
Black leather palm of a Rawlings REV1X infield glove with Francisco Lindor's logo stamped in the palm in silver- SKU: REVFL12
Back of a Rawlings REV1X 11.75-Inch infield glove with a unique design printed on the back and pinky - SKU: REVFL12
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
Glove Position Infield Glove Size 1175 Glove Fit Standard

After years in the lab developing and testing new game-changing technologies, our engineers created the REV1X series! It will revolutionize the next generation of athlete. Thanks to its unparalleled design innovations, the Rawlings' REV1X ushers in the future of gloves. Working closely with several of the game's top pros, like Francisco Lindor, we developed an incredibly scientific build and design process that led to several key breakthroughs.

Constructed from the highest quality materials, the 2022 REV1X 11.75-inch infield glove features new innovative technology that will take your game to the next level. While the design on the back may catch your eye; the construction of the Lindor REV1X glove will make you rethink everything you know about your gamer. Combining our legendary Heart of the Hide steer-hide leather palm and gusset, with advanced manufacturing techniques resulted in a defensive masterpiece. Using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) method, we created a perfect, 3D-printed lattice structure in the thumb and pinky. Unlike traditional gloves' wool padding - that breaks down and gets floppy over time - these 3D-printed pieces provide variable stiffness that lasts and lasts. That means you get a glove that won't break down, and maintains the perfect balance of support and playability too! This advanced fabrication process also drastically reduces the weight. As a result, the REV1X 11.75-inch infield glove will give you unrivaled feel and protection, without sacrificing durability.

In addition, we've crafted our REV1X series gloves with a multi-layer back too. Each model even has its own molded, 3D-sublimated design. The 11.75-Inch REV1X glove is equipped with a stylish, eye-catching neon green and black design that is sure to turn heads on the field. The revolutionary lace-less I-web and heel will also help you stand out. This innovative new feature allows you to have a completely consistent feel, to make sure you're snagging everything hit your way. And with the ultra-premium 'HOH' leather in all the right places, these REV1X gloves boast the same professional quality break-in & performance you expect from Rawlings. 

For added comfort, this REV1X infield glove even features an adaptive hand opening. This allows you to get a 'custom fit' on your wrist every time you put it on. The 2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch infield glove will completely change your game. Join the REVolution now, order yours today!

  • Color: Black/Neon Green
  • Throwing Hand: Right
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Back: Adaptive Fit Hand Opening
  • Player Break-In: 50
  • Fit: Standard
  • Level: Adult
  • Lining: Heart of the Hide Leather Palm & Lining
  • Padding: Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ Lattice Structure Stabilizers in Thumb & Pinky
  • Series: REV1X
  • Shell: Engineered Multi-Layer Molded 3D Back
  • Web: Pro I
  • Used By: Francisco Lindor
  • Size: 11.75 in
  • Special Feature: Pro Game Day Patterns
  • Pattern: FL12
  • Age Group: Pro/College, High School, 14U

Determine Your Glove Size by Your Age

This table is a general guide for determining which glove size an athlete needs.


Level Age Position Glove Size
T-Ball 3 to 6 years old All Positions 8.5" - 10"
Youth 7 to 12 years old 1st Base 11.5" - 12"
Youth 7 to 12 years old Infield 10.25" - 11.5"
Youth 7 to 12 years old Outfield 11.5" - 12.25"
Adult 12+ years old 1st Base 12" - 13"
Adult 12+ years old Infield 11.25" - 12"
Adult 12+ years old Outfield 12" - 12.75"


Level Type Position Glove Size
Youth Fastpitch Infield 10.5" - 11"
Youth Fastpitch Outfield 11" - 11.5"
Adult Fastpitch Infield 11.5" - 12"
Adult Fastpitch Outfield/1st Base 12" - 13"
Adult Slowpitch Infield 12" - 13"
Adult Slowpitch Outfield 12.5" - 14"

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2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove
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2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch Infield Glove

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Item # REVFL12

***SOLD OUT. Next Estimated Shipping Date 8/25

Meticulously engineered for years, the 2022 REV1X 11.75-Inch infield glove boasts Francisco Lindor's pattern and cutting edge technology that give you a highly advanced, lightweight glove. Take control of your game now!

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It’s time for a defensive REVolution to America’s pastime. After several years secretly researching and developing cutting edge technology, the REV1X was born. An ultra-lightweight, form-fitting game-ready glove that gives you consistently unmatched playability across the field. The Rawlings REV1X rewrites glove history, while shaping its future. Join the REVolution now.
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